Acima credit llc features different financial solutions.

Acima Credit used to give a lease-to-own financing through point-of-sale financing process with instant approval on items such as furniture and home appliances and all the transactions/sales are made through online or in-store by the participating merchants, such as furniture and appliance stores.

On each and every application, Acima credit does a soft credit pull, though approval is based mainly on borrower’s income and checking account history instead of credit history. To qualify, borrower will need a monthly income of at least $1,000 over the past three months, deposited into a checking account. It’s an option for borrowers with bad credit.

Note: Leasing is costly if you’re unable to pay it off early.


Founder & CEO

                                                                   Aaron Allred


From 2013 to Present

Industry Sector

Private Independent company of Consumer Finance

Headquarter & Contacts

Acima Credit.
9815 S. Monroe Street 4th Floor,
SandyUtah 84070
Call :    801-297-1982


Total Employees



More/less $12Million

Total Funding from Establishment

More/less $125Million


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Acima Credit Eligibility

1) Must purchase something quickly and you don't have reserve funds or a Mastercard:
Acima offers financing on items typically made with a credit card. Given the high costs, it makes sense only if you pay off the lease within 90 days. Paying it off over 12 months doubles the cost of your purchase.

2) Have awful credit: Acima has no minimum credit score requirement and approval is based mainly on your income. Acima also reports payment activity to credit bureau Experian, so timely payments may help build your credit.

Repayment Choices

Acima offers one rent model — a year lease to-claim understanding yet clients can demand one or two early result choices to lower the costs:

1) Repay inside 90 days: You pay the price of the item, plus a $10 payment processing fee and a $40 rental agreement fee. About a third of Acima’s customers use this option, according to the company.

2) Repay following 90 days, however before a year:  You pay an amount that’s less than the remaining payments owed. The amount of the discount is based on the payoff date and your state’s lease laws, according to Acima.
You must contact Acima’s customer service department to exercise either early payoff option. Acima takes automatic electronic payments from your checking account over the repayment period.
Example: Suppose you purchase some home appliances that costs $2,000 and sign a lease agreeing to pay $4,000 over 12 months. If you pay off the lease in the sixth month, the total cost would be approximately $3,000, according to the company.

Returns: You can return an item, but only after your first payment. Some retailers may accept returns within 60 days of purchase; after 60 days, returns go through Acima.

Customer complaints & feedbacks: Acima Credit has more than 200 complaints with the Better Business Bureau (BBB),  the majority on billing and collections. Several customers have reported issues exercising Acima’s 90-day, early-payoff option.

Acima Credit’s Terms & Conditions and credit rates :

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