Arvato financial solutions Ltd and its global presence

Arvato financial solutions Ltd

Arvato financial solutions Ltd is a private global B2B industry helps millions of online shoppers & merchants to make electronic payments – and also minimize risks, uncover incidences of cybercrime and ensure that sellers are paid on time all over the world.

Establishment:         1996


Rolf Hellermann as a CEO (as on Nov 2019).

Jan Altersten  as a  President B2C finance & Nordic Debt collection (as on Nov 2019).

Volker Bornhöft  as a President Accounting & Collection Germany (as on Nov 2019).

Oliver Kuhaupt as a President Debt Purchase & Int. Collection (as on Nov 2019).

Jörg Schnelle as a President B2B & Health Finance (as on Nov 2019).

Global Website:         finance.arvato.com


Almost 7,500 experts are delivering efficient credit management solutions in around 20 countries around the globe as of Nov 2019.



Parent company:     Bertelsmann.

Others Locations:
Europe, North America, South America.......see more


For    ID & Fraud Management, Credit risk management & 
         Debt collection services….

                          Sales Team

                        +49 7221 5040 5200

For   Payment & Financing services
                         Sales Team

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€3.84 billion as on 2016

Merchants & payment methods:
Almost existing more than 6000 merchants and having 325 payments methods as of Nov 2019.

Service Area & sector:
worldwide (almost 20 countries) in
-Banks and Finance
-Credit Unions
-Digital Business
-Media and Entertainment
-Energy & Utilities

Features & Benefits / Services or Solutions:

ID & Fraud Management
Credit Risk Management
Payment & Financing Services
Debt Collection Services


Bertelsmann was established as a publishing house via Carl Bertelsmann in 1835. In the next decades, the organization developed consistently. After the Second World War, it created from a fair sized business to an enormous undertaking. To satisfy the need from the book club Lesering and the record club Schallplattenring, Bertelsmann enormously extended its distribution center and transporting limits in the mid-1950s. In 1959, the Kommissionshaus Buch und Ton was built up to make the generation and administration foundation accessible for other distributing and printing organizations. Bertelsmann profited by this because of economies of scale. A punch-card list at the Lesering central station was obtained from Lufthansa, which later turned into the reason for the data innovation aptitude of Arvato. During the primary years, Reinhard Mohn was the sole proprietor of the Kommissionshaus Buch und Ton. In 1968, the organization turned out to be a piece of the recently established Vereinigte Verlagsauslieferung (VVA). Its purpose was the delivery of printed materials and records "in the name and on behalf of its clients."


To be the backbone for seamless and secure financial transactions between businesses and consumers around the world.
In creating the most trusted and reliable environment out there, Arvato financial solutions Ltd makes life easier for their clients and at the same time, enable them to grow their business today, tomorrow and far beyond.

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Career & Opportunities:

Providing continuous Innovative financial services is the main motive of Arvato financial services and as one of Europes leading integrated financial services, they work for many well-known brands and ensure optimal payment flows worldwide. To simplify data-driven challenging complex business every day at the organization Arvato Financial Solutions keenly used to employ data detectives, IT experts, numbers geniuses, client motivators, facilitators etc in various international locations.

Career Benefits:

• Business-specific bonus and reward schemes
• Performance-related pay
• Profit-sharing scheme
• Employees Recruit Employees bonus
• Recognition of long-standing employees
• Family support
• Flexible working hours
• Company pension
• Company social services
• Medical Check 50 plus
• Corporate health insurance company (BKK)
• Special conditions for sporting activities
• Company bicycle
• Company medical service
• Sick pay top-up

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