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Svea finance AS

Svea finance AS used to serve private and business clients in Estonia and other major countries in Europe by offering personalized, flexible and comprehensive financing solutions. For private clients Svea finance offers hire purchase, small loan, car leasing and hire purchase and loan refinancing. For corporate clients they mainly provide factoring (including export factoring), invoice purchase, administration and debt collection services.
Svea finance is the part of the fast growing international financial group Svea Ekonomi AB, which has been successfully operating in its field for over 35 years and has offices in more than 20 countries.
Svea finance has been operating in Estonia since 2005 under the trademarks Svea Finance AS and Svea Inkasso OÜ. Starting in 2019, the entire group will use Svea, an internationally uniform brand.


We make it possible!


Operating in Astonia since 2005.


Parent company:
Svea Ekonomi AB with headquarters in Sweden (since 1981)

Hallivanamehe 4, 11317 Tallinn. Estonia
Registry Code 11455152
KMKR EE101273419
Tel: +372 679 9427
E-mail: info@svea.ee

Others Locations:

In more than 20 countries including Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland.

Tel: +372 679 9422
Tel: +372 679 9423
E-mail: myyk@svea.ee

1) Eric Puulmann

Chief Executive Officer / Member of the Board
2) Lennart Ågren  (group CEO as of 2019)
3) Mari-Liisu Puulmann
Chief Accountant (as of 2019)
4) Annika Mikson
Head of Legal Department (as of 2019)
5) Taavi Mägi
Leasing and Leasing Area Manager (as of 2019)
6) Mart Mõtsnik
Partner Manager (as of 2019)
7) Marran of the Pea
Business Customer Sales Manager (as of 2019)
8) Pille Ränkel
Marketing manager (as of 2019)

As of 2019, there are 20 employees in Astonia

Services to Private Customers: 
Small Loan, Repair Loan, Car Loan, Car Lease and Hire Purchase, Loan Refinancing.

Services to corporate customers: 
Factoring, export factoring, invoice purchase, invoice management, leasing, hire purchase, collection service.

Home Page:

Why choose Svea finance as a financial partner:

In our daily work, we focus primarily on providing the best financial services to local people and home-based businesses. We are always there for our client and are available to advise you on any issues that arise and within our area of responsibility. At the same time, we invest consistently in our company so that our employees are always motivated, satisfied, proud of their employer and the first ambassadors of the company.
The root laws of Svea finance to serve people are Credibility, Flexibility, immediate cooperation, Honesty and Transparency, speed and partnership.

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